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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQ's often comes when an ERP is in discuss and Implementing.

Which are the best Open Source ERP available in market?

ODOO ERP and ERP Next are 2 main open source ERP software available in market today. many large companies are using it and given their satisfaction testimonies.

Does ODOO and ERP Next has only Cloud versions?

ODOO and  ERP Next had both Enterprise cloud version and customized community version available.

How good is ODOO on IOT?

Internet of Things plays a vital role nowadays in erp implementation and ODOO support it.

How much time needed for ODOO Implementation?


ODOO Implementation time may change on module wise. 

Which is the best ERP, billing and accounting software in Kerala?

Since 2000 Tafiq Advanced ERP with  more than 4500 satisfied clients is the leading billing and accounting software provider in Kerala and Middle east countries.

Zoho products implementation doing? ​

Yes. we do all Zoho products implementation and traning.

Gulf / Middle East countries service available?

we do services in all middle east countries. we have industry wise solutions to all major industries in gulf regions. prompt service support are given.

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