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Gulf VAT Billing ,Accounting, ERP Software Kerala for Retail, Wholesale, Distribution, Production 

VAT in Middle East and the Right selection of Accounting ERP software

Value added tax (VAT) came as Indirect Taxation in Middle East countries has brought an important change in their business. It's the first time in their business history they are introduced to any Tax. 


VAT was introduced in UAE on Jan 01 2018 by Gulf corporation council and Dubai was one of the first state to implement VAT for their economic and financial system. 

Bahrain and Saudi Arabia also pioneering VAT introduce and Oman stands in fourth place.

Best VAT ERP Software for Retail, Wholesale, Distribution & Production  industries


VAT in Qatar

At present there is no VAT in Qatar but expecting the implementation of VAT in Qatar either late 2021 or early 2022


VAT Products Category

Retail sector was fully under VAT limit. 

All essential goods including food and beverages, stationary, school activities, medical and medical equipment, cars, oils, gas, electronics and electricals, consumer goods, water and gas comes under VAT. 


VAT Service Category

All types of motor,health,property insurance ,surgeries, education, financial services fees, vehicle services and repairs, hotels and restaurants will fall in VAT. 


Kerala based VAT software for Gulf countries

Since VAT was the earlier tax system in India and most of the Tax Practitioners and accountants knows it well and so many of VAT filing Institute are hiring accounting professional from India especially form Kerala due to centuries relationship with gulf countries. We provide VAT ready Kerala based Accounting ERP software implementation. 


VAT enabled ERP Accounting software

Earlier notion of cloud ERP as unsafe and inconvenient technology all time has changed. As we grow and move forward cloud Online accounting ERP software is becoming a boom for the last few years.


Cloud VAT ERP verses Offline VAT ready Accounting ERP software

Technology in which ERP software is developed stands significant in most of the scenarios while implementation of an ERP system. Online and Offline software technology mode of operation may different and thus the results. 


VAT Ready Multiple Branch management ERP software

In case of multi branch business centralized ERP system is required and which technology you choose is really important to implement any ERP software system. Fully Online system depends on internet and it's both upload and download speed otherwise go for a Static IP or VPN centralized ERP system with local database with minimal internet dependency.


Multiple Currency Trade

Multi currency trade option is an essential feature for VAT ready Gulf Accounting Software. Since business is growing multiple branches across countries will happen. International Purchase and Sales has become a common phenomenon in today's business world. ForEx calculations and Currency exchange should include in an ERP module.

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